main work area: online and Lazio

Roberto Magnani was born as a freediver, a sporting experience that led him, in 2018, to approach the world of overtone singing, with awareness of breathing techniques and a vision aimed at finding vocal limits and overcoming them. His studies lead him to attend the Sherden Overtone School and their respective masterclasses. During his journey he gets to know Sayan Bapa and Kaigal-Ool Khovalyg Focusing his research on Tuvan culture and khoomei vocal techniques.

In 2020 he participates in the “International Online Competition SYGYT 2020” with the jury of Kaigal-Ool Khovalyg.

In 2021 he participates in the international competition "Kargyraa-2021" dedicated to the centenary of the founding of the Tuvan People's Republic. On this occasion he won the nomination for "Best Accompaniment" for the performance performed with an IGIL he built with a horse's head, following the original Tuvan design criteria of the instrument and thus becoming the first Italian awarded in a Tuvan khoomei competition.

In 2022, during the IV International Ethno Music Festival "Khoomei in the center of Asia" among the participants of various nations, he won in the "Byrlan" category and in the same year he became a teacher at the Sherden Overtone School with the objectives of disseminating musical culture tuvana, which became a UNESCO heritage site in 2009