Overtone Singing Academy

teachers: Ilaria Orefice, Walter Mantovani, Roberto Magnani


Ilaria Orefice, Walter Mantovani, and Roberto Magnani are teachers of Overtone Singing and Throat Singing, professors of the “Sherden Overtone Singing School” belonging to the Cantodifonico.eu project, which operates throughout Italy and internationally, founded by Ilaria Orefice in collaboration with G. Bortoluzzi in 2016.

The teachers are also performers and musicians who use OVERTONE SINGING in contemporary music.

Our teachers

Ilaria Orefice

Ilaria Orefice is a modern singing teacher specialized in overtone and throat singing techniques.

Roberto Magnani

Roberto is an expert in Tuva throat singing techniques, and is a builder of IGIL (a typical Tuvan instrument).

Walter Mantovani

Walter is an expert in polyphonic overtone singing, is a researcher, and founded the blog Armonici.it and created the app for overtone singing "Harmonicarium".

Our lesson proposals

With our growth map, it is possible to assess where the student is and where he or she can potentially go. The minimum achievable with our school, is the easiest level, the “beginner” and you can get to the “expert” level, where you have complete mastery of the discipline.

“Overtone singing is a special and fascinating discipline, and its study is a path of growth. In the deep journey within this discipline, you can rediscover yourself and get involved, as in every growth path there are steps, sometimes big sometimes small, but each one can give you, as a practitioner, new self-awareness.

For those who can grasp, at the end of the path there is more than just being able to master a new singing technique, the gifts of Overtone Singing are many and go into areas of your life that you would not expect.”


For orientation in the discipline

Choose this proposal if you want to see if the discipline is right for you, or if you are advanced but need to supplement a specific topic, or assess your progress.

To get the keys

Choose this proposal to take 3 classes (lasting one hour). With this package you will get the keys to be able to understand and start practicing semi-autonomously the discipline. The cycle of 3 is renewable as many times as you want.

For a full immersion as a true PRO

Choose this proposal for a full immersion in the discipline, you will have notions and tools for independent practice and personalized exercises. This package includes 5 meetings (1 hour per week).